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White river: Wdhk^pom: 'White water' {wdh'kdniy 'white,* tna! North Platte river: Mtnnt Vyohe\ 'Moon Shell river* {min- m, 'shell,' i. 'moon shell,' circular white shell ornaments obtained from traders, Ted there began to quarrel among themselves. They did not fight ; merely talked at each other — scolded. On an island (Beecher's island) in this stream the fight took place in 1868 between Maj. Sand creek: Pun*oibhey 'Dry creek' {pun'oly ' dry,' c? A tributary of the Arkansas east of Fort Lyon, Colo. Saline fork of Smoky Hill river : Shistotbiyohey ' Cedar river ' (^shistotby 'cedar tree,' -\-ohe').

The end of the fragment has also two or more slight notches, the margin of which is like that of the incomplete hole mentioned. Euceratherium was one of the more common ungulates at the period when the cave deposit was forming and would have served as one of the principal food supplies for early man if he were living in this region at the time. It may represent a natural foramen or it may be artificial ; it is difficult to determine its true nature. CHAMBERLAIN, ALFREDO CHAVERO, STEWART CULIN, GEORGE A. RUST In 1889 the author attended a puberty ceremony of the Mission Indians at Campo near the Mexican line in southern California. A branch of the Pima, by some spoken of as belonging to the Papago, but claimed by the Pima as a part of their tribe, is popularly known as " Quarities." ' Visited in 1902 under the auspices of the Hyde Expedition for the American Museum of Natural History, and in 1905 for the Bureau of American Ethnology.

Little Powder river : Pa Vyohekis, ' Little Powder river ' (as above, diminutive suffix kis).

loi Preservation of American Antiquities; Progress during the Last Year ; Needed Legislation. The word is said to have been used for coal (lignite) before gunpowder was known.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Many years ago the Cheyenne had a fight on this river, in which many were killed, and when they saw the dead lying there scalped, they called it River of Scalps.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. (Plates I-III) I A Stone Ruin at Se-tsak, Guatemala. (Plates A » *^ y • • • • • • • • • '3 Cheyenne Stream Names. It has also been given me as ' Soul river ' (tdssoom* y ' shadow,* ohi^^y but the first is the true derivation.

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