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Users have come to expect that anything that starts with is a Web site.Not in this case: Those URIs are identifiers, and if you try to visit them in a browser, you'll most likely be greeted by a "404 - File not found" error message.This tip discusses new features in Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.2 that give you more flexibility in validating documents against schemas.Typically, an application validates XML documents against a list of known schemas as part of its error handling.

If it exceeds 10 characters then throw an exception in XI runtime. Make sure that the JDK version is same as that used by the XI's J2EE server.

Schemas describe the vocabulary: the names of elements, the attributes, and their datatypes (such as integer, string, and date).

If a document validates against a schema, it conforms to a vocabulary that the application recognizes.

The interface contains only two methods: execute and set Parameter.

The set Parameter method is called by the mapping runtime, which passes a

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is only a hint to the parser and the parser may use other means to decide which schema to apply.

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