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Keith Mc Kaskle also may have been a witness to the actual act of laying Ives and Henry on the tracks.Mc Kaskle took off for the woods after being alerted by Coney of the situation and apparently witnessed Ives and Henry being laid out on the tracks and covered with a tarp.

On August 23, 1987, Don Henry and Kevin Ives ventured out into the woods near Little Rock, Arkansas to do some night hunting (or spotlighting as the UM segment described it).Those who support Linda Ives' conspiracy theory believed both men were murdered in order to ensure their silence.Another irony is that Dan Harmon who according to Ives may be at the very crux of the entire events surrounding "The Train Deaths" was later charged along with Richard Garrett to head up a Grand Jury investigation on the deaths of Ives and Henry.In fact Garrett was interviewed extensively on the UM segment where he promised viewers that he would find a resolution to this case.However in the early 90s both Garrett and Harmon were dirtied by accusations of drug scandals and cover ups in Arkansas.

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