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Real Lives is a downloadable educational simulation game, promising the simulation of a single human life, one life among billions. It sounds terrible, a twelve-year old dropout working in a processing plant, but no matter. I quickly meet another boy, named Bahrat, but I decide not to date him, because even without an education, I've quickly learned that boys are horrible skanks that give you STDs. I work overtime constantly, yet I still find time to read, study and volunteer. Amandeep is making major bank at the factory he runs, we live in a luxurious house, we eat well, I give generously to charity, and still, as always, volunteer my time to help others. It appears I'll never have the option to run a business due to my lack of a formal education, but no matter. I check Dev's stats every year, and I've become worried about her happiness (rated from 1 to 100), which keeps dropping, little by little, year by year. I'm hoping these new activities and lack of a stifling job will make Dev at least a little happier. I've got some assets and some cash, but I have to move into a smaller place and get a job. According to their website, when I begin my simulated life, anything can happen. I have my books and my art to occupy my mind as I cram processed hunks of assembly-line tandoori chicken into can after empty can. Despite my low-paying job, I manage to save money, make some investments, grow my bank account, and even give a little to charity each year. I am working in the same food processing plant I have since I was 12. For 17 straight years, my requests have been denied. I even get notified that my syphilis has been cured. Even with so much going for her, she's not really that happy and I'm not sure why. I think it may be time for one of those big, sweeping lifestyle changes. Get a small place on the coast, make the money last, retire with a nice big stack of books. She died of breast cancer at age sixty, but at least she didn't die of measles at age three. It's just a single human life, one life among billions. Dev's investments are slowly losing money, she can't find a better job, and her happiness is still declining. She never made a fortune, but she always gave what she could to others. But I can't help feeling that, as a human being, I failed. Dev never got an education, sure, but she never stopped reading and learning. I feel like I did poorly -- I didn't amass riches, conquer a profession, or live happily ever after -- but the game isn't I did poorly. There are no points, there's no score, no achievements or badges. It mentions her volunteer work, her one year of schooling, that she has two sisters, and a few other details. The game gives me Dev's obituary, but I am unfortunately too stunned (really) over her death to actually take a screenshot of it.

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What do you even learn in your first year of school? You learn about nap time, which kids hate until they're adults, at which point they discover that napping is the absolute best thing in the world you can do with yourself, which does them no good because you only get nap time in your first year of school, when you hate naps.

How the heck am I going to start my own business with one lousy year of school? Dev meets a man she likes, but he's not interested.

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And even working overtime, I still find time to volunteer. Finally, on my 18th year of work, I am given a raise. While I'm sure I'll miss my sisters and parents, it's time to leave India and its grim factories and its simulated swirling clouds of communicable diseases behind. I spend a little time on Google, trying to determine what the best country in the world is, where people, particularly women, are the happiest. At age 40, I'm still working constant overtime, still not getting a raise, still living at home, still reading and volunteering. A few years later, I'm making good kroner as a seamstress without even having to work overtime.

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