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Bobbie Sue was horny as she sat alone in the darkened library.

She wasn't horny thinking about Long or even her time on the island with Elton. She was horny thinking about a man she had never had and likely never would.

Based upon comics by The Pit and Stormbringer The Coxville Curse Part 2: Chapter 15: One Hot Librarian's Faith Exchange ********** October 16, 2009: Friday, the Day of the Pool Party ********** Bobbie Sue stood by the door and let the last of the library patrons out, locking it behind them. Bobbie Sue half felt she'd be reprimanded, but instead the older woman's gaze lingered a little too long before leaving.

"Have a good evening." The woman paused and let her gaze fall on Bobbie Sue's rear end fully displayed in tight yoga pants.

She had found a new document, the delight of every historical researcher.

She finished scanning it into the computer and carefully removed the original letter. We met in the stables, some two dozen of us, proud Southern white men all gathered to listen to Franklin Cox speak. Cox was flanked by his brother's sons-in-laws, Caleb Summers and Joshua Small, all victims of the devil Prospero who had stolen the virtues of their wives in this very stable, now corrupted by the foul seed of the black devil (Bobbie Sue shivered for the library was built on the very spot where the plantation's stables once stood).

Her mate, I believe it was an uppity negro named Falstaff ran out of the hut with a spear.

She'd divorced over thirty years ago and never remarried or had a boyfriend as far as anyone knew.

Bobbie Sue turned off the library lights and strolled over to her workstation.

The letter had been found inside an old family bible. ********** My dearest brother Jonathan, Tonight, was a good night. Franklin Cox extolled us while Small and Summers passed out the robes that would hide our identities.

Soon we were all mounted torches burning and galloping towards the West side of the Cox plantation where the niggers lived.

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