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I always have many friends in my house as I am capable to listen to the person and to support him and in his hard times and the happiest moments.

I do not love a sad and monotonous life and I want, that my life was fascinating and had the big moments of pleasure.

I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine, and none of my family or friends "drink too much".

I am fond of surprises and can be a spontaneous person myself though I am never irresponsible.

I truly believe in love and want to raise my children in the atmosphere of love and respect on the patterns of their parents." They may also try to play smartarses and change it a bit, so it sounds more like it was written by a Russian girl, with mistakes.

Now, if I was raised in the US in the trailer park with a drive-by-shooting, yeah, probably all men around me would be the drug addicts.

That doesn't speak bad of men in general, but of the girl herself!

Search for searching for new 100 european dating site:

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