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Thank you for using Online Dating Service as 10% of your subscription will be donated to a HIV/AIDS related charity each month.We also feel that everyone is entitled to love, to love someone and to be loved.The waist yoke has an asymmetrical shape and it is assembled from three panels.

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Uz kroj dobijate i detaljne instrukcije za šivenje. The sleeves have a bell shape, with a band that regulates the hem width, thus making discrete ruffles.

The button closure has a slightly curved shape, so that the buttons start just above breast, leaving the upper part open.

A classic straight knee length skirt with a waist yoke. The waist yoke is assembled from two separate pieces.

Uz kroj dobijate i detaljne instrukcije za šivenje.

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The pattern comes with detailed sewing instructions. Rukavi imaju oblik zvona, a tračica za regulisanje širine poruba formira lagane karnere.

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  1. For example, I won't be as likely to get into a relationship of dependency on a sighted person if I have access to readers, have good Braille and cane travel skills, and know the city bus schedule like the back of my hand.

  2. Dear Elsa, I’ve always struggled in finding fulfilling and harmonious relationships. This either pushes people away all together, or leads me to find people who exploit my dependency needs, sometimes abusively.