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They can also learn and share gaming tips and guides by finding discussions that are related to their interests.

Track the weekly top games What’s the future trend?Although there is still room for improvement, many players have attested as to how cool the features and functionalities are at Playfire.Playfire excels with a unique diversity of offerings like the active community blog, the member’s discussion area, chat, top games of the week, gamecards show off your gaming and much more!A merge was also announced with Green Man Gaming on July 9, 2012, but Playfire remains independent despite the merger. When analyzing what sets Playfire apart it is necessary to consider the other forerunners in gaming social networks such as Raptr and gamer DNA which also boast of their own high quality features.What sets Playfire apart is that they can effectively provide real time game play to their users.

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As Green Man Gaming announced its launch for the Xbox One tracking beta for Playfire this month, it is expected to increase its stronghold further in social networks.

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