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While CBS has been the most watched broadcast network for years, its audience traditionally steers older than the under-50 crowd advertisers are aiming for.So it doesn't have much patience for low-rated shows, and "Elementary" is CBS's lowest-rated show. For years, it was highly acclaimed by critics and creatives in Hollywood. But NBC is back on top of the all-important ratings, and "The Blacklist" is its lowest-rated show.It's not looking good for "The Odd Couple." Hayley Atwell can't catch a break.Last season, "Agent Carter" was canceled, and now ABC has said it won't order additional episodes of her new show, "Conviction." No network says "canceled" anymore, and that's the case here, but any jury would put this show away for life and throw away the key for its low ratings.Matthew acted in Friends along with his co-actors Courteney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, and David Schwimmer.

Matthew Perry at his young age Source: Pinterest Above all, Mattew had a keen interest in acting.Among the shows that are in danger of being canceled are last year's hits "Quantico" and "Blindspot," the Golden Globe-winning "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," and even the Ryan Murphy-produced show "Scream Queens." Here are Business Insider's predictions for the shows that will probably get the ax: CBS just decided not to order more than 13 episodes of the comedy starring Matthew Perry for the third season in a row.This time around, though, the show is CBS's lowest-rated comedy.The network insisted that the show hadn't been canceled, but getting episodes cut is never a good sign.The clues for the cancellation of "Elementary" are all there.

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Sorry to break it to you, but this show is already on the outs at ABC.

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