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Men, on the other hand, face being stood up twice and will have six one-night stands before they meet their ideal partner.

This figure could be coming down, though, because a separate study suggests that men are becoming less afraid of commitment.

But she will also have fallen in love twice, lived with one partner and had four one-night stands.Yea, we loved each other, ALOT, but that was the last thing we were thinking about. The guilt of things I said the night before and the hurt from the things he said consumed every ounce of energy I had. Yet, we continued on this pattern to the point where we had to break up.This wouldn’t be an easy task since our lives had been combined pretty much since the first day we met.Every night fighting about non-sense seemed to be a daily routine.After drinking a few vodka tonics suddenly we’d both turn into these alpha type males that had pissing matches over EVERYTHING.

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According to the huge Singles in America study conducted by Match, some 56% of LGBTQ singles have dated someone they met online.

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