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Rising raste and conversion of low-cost apartments and homes, to higher-cost housing also have con- tributed to the decre'ase. strong iwnow Buffered ALL CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS : •Wreaths •Garland •Dry Floral . — —added.- '^m i Mjht Mathewaef -.- - •- ^ - 7n'.7g Ti' dfldar^daaa Fridflraiidit at Bun- Ho w booked to to Teatt M^ - The'-Waflhington Poet - . - ■ The budget of the Department of • Housing and Urban' Development has bwn cut by nearly 70 percent over the lostseven yean,:nsulting in a sharp drop in construction of housing that low* and moderateln-’ come families can afford, witnesses said at tosk'force hearings this month. icink M^^^ other foreign dlplomotsm making international lending ina Utullona, •, a.nniat aleventh-haur.airart w en-.. ■, — — I -W &j 1 - a i ^ PSSIliil 32.00 KNIT rr^Rti 'MMWm I I • M 1 [I M 9 T 1 1 la iiii,-,-. Wedneaday, said National Weather roadblocks, officials • • -i ^rvice meteorolo^st ‘ George Millington evacuees Billy . fled their homes on the otherrside of stayed with relatives OTemignt, ^t^Miasiaslppi-Wver-in UWest Up to-l0.inch«.of_Wftter fl^^ -Memphis. i- Re also warned the board that it will cost money to fight the battle the nursing .shorta^, which is .already taking ito toll. — Earlierihis raontn panenia •had to be transferred out because • ‘there ^weren Venough -registered - ■nurses in the intensive-card unit, be said. But sho hae found that the good wages aren't enough. Evep thou^ the money la good, — oft'erffaay; *Tm workihg m^elf Into an early grave." A hw area'Ofstudy Is detormin' Ing bow he^th fadll Ues can reduce stress on nurses by looking at their working environment, she said. - - - Swedish Hospital also boasts i U ' own four-year degree-program in conjunction with a higher-learning institution, ahe said. Blit if having a citizen legislature gives us an in- stitution' whidi is in tou^ with Main Street, it also gives us one in which individuals can be sus- ceptible to multiple interests. Maybe you fellows in gover^entcaa -i , - do something about this. Har- Quereau, raid and his wife, Nancy, and their Rain continued to fall Saturday two adult children were awake^ afternoon, with 2 to 3 more inches by rescue workers ftom the Fm ^ expected through Sunday, and offi- partment at about Friday dais feared there -would be more and started putting their f Urolture, flooding outside this dty north of Christmas packages and other be- -Memphis.-—- - - longings up high to save mem from Early Satu#ay, rescue workers to p t had climbed into trees to escape the stuff up, so we ^decora^ the floodwaters, police Capt Bob Ruffin Christmas tree and tmew- it out in gjjjj the yard. TArk., which FW-Wt ^ a their hpme,-but; Hai Ta U w^ k Ulertomadoon Dec.l4. In ICU there was a 31-per^ Career burn-out takes heavx; toll By PAT MARCANTONIO Timea-Newa writer TWIN FALLS - Each day Nursing Supervisor Patty Mahrt' does the hurso shuflle. An Indication of the seventy oi the nursing shortage is that even a large'hospitar working with several nursing programs has trouble find- "■'ingenoughnurscs. That along with tuition reim- bursements Jor conwiui Ha educ Dtion, OTak C8 Swedish Hospital sound like a heaven for nurses. ; The danger, it seems to us, is particularly acute •for attomey-legi8rato,ra, who may represent pri- vate clie:nta in their legal work, . Since thabreakup of the old phone company, I get so many bills with so many item- isations for somahy special charges-that P«Wy soon they’re have to send these bills bound like books. We spend more money on outgoing calls tion to smog and tobac OT smoke, we have lots of ■ ^n Brnokerln-all theworld, we’re a b splutwy,: , and unquestionably No. Attempting to recruit nurses is not a hometown problem. Baumonii said initial reports indi- Tio8piials"ftr*ml Mr'-wbundsr Dne r was hospitalized Willi btiiluus iu* ^ juries arid one sailor was-troated— — .- and returned to his ship. B’a Fine Foods, ,631 Br^ Satuiday nlriit at Magic Valley Regional Medical . ** ^nto the and flee on foot - Terra Uiure seeks independence • ■ He said the USO dub and the ad- Spain for the northeastern ipcent Inina bar, which also is regu- four-province region of Catalonia. servicemen Soanish and-tcmiriet expe rta de- "Whose s Wps airelnpdrti'iom partof^be itas a tiny group and say it « '• buildings Bawlona last two years, in- Busquet said about 20 people, in- - -fueling, two against the UB. A6 - - -nf 1 -Cfo55-woid/people7r.: A8- Obituaries -Vallcy JIfe Idaho A7 Opinion ...-v-- A4-5 World A9 Circulation 'l ^ffiowerclfculallondltetlor^ __ 1 _ i Clrculallon phones areihanhed between 7 andl O a.m. If , -y6u-do;not-roceive=your:pap€r-by-7-a,m,.-call-thanumber-for— I "jeromc-Wendeir Coodihg-Hagerman r "Burley-Rup Trt-Paul-Oakley • BQhl-Castleford Fller-Rogerson-Hol Uster Twin Falls and all other areas ^ ^ 733-0844 '-If-vot Hiave-a-news'tip-ror-wtsft-to-iaik-le-someone-m Tthe- - editorial department, call 733-0931 between 9;30 a.m. weekdays- To report late news and spor^ results after and on wee Kend S.' cutl 733-0938: ^ ■'A'd Vertl Sln K^iir Bftkersdvmtlinj Clr Klof ■ , “If Wwlsh to place-an-advertl8ementrcnll-733^)93l. Dear Candidate: _ 1 iia derat and you fellowa get a feel of .the voter* are concerned about. A lot of not^ve^ eonol first-class mail comes from b^uihe8 viced lately - and at a decent price? They say those run better, last longer and need less .‘servicing. woy Ave.8.,cauaedan, S8timaled,000to W0i PW Cenj*,. • - dam^ to the fast-food T«rtauraat Friday night, faid ^ lifted in aerious but atable condition in . the ho^tel'e inte Mive cere iinit V eald a nttreto*. com- duding at least 11 servicemen and panics , General Electric and., six women, were in tho USO dub at {lewiett-Packard. Classified - ads call 733-0626 Monday through-Frlday from.8 a.m.^unt U.5 p.m. Iwntell you aboutaome things tbatconcemme besides.. fron^page, fron^bu^ler items like official corruption. For the lost few years we’ve been hearing a lot about what a great power we are. 1, and it's morning in America, and we’re the greatest in world. You used to'be able to mail for less than 22 esnts and expe^ it to town or to a nearby city in a day or eo — delivery, if you wanted it there next moming.i -Thev don't even have special delivery Kv ' more — It would probably just slow up even more whilethey waited fora Idd wi bike. Wehearalotahput , "competitiveness," which seems to be kind of a synonym for piblectionism. „ Clt Ul OUSt OTTt^r S - Wblic Servicc Oklahomaof-. •' era of City Utilities of Spriagficld ' we^y,yeported without clcctridty.

lho notes turn conccpto-havexovolutionized accepted — CTOBion,.p Cthejdj Mjotman MBome^ng_ Iscp^^ ,^ : ' i SSSi S:; guishes him from the other biological stnic- liar moral crisis. ing from homdessoessj'- She wid going to school has been diffract becaosa of the pressure she has been under. ; ' (the children's attic) — S2.00 - ^ Aft R/, ~ v SELECTED Gt RLS'^DRESSES^^^^^^^^^^:^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^■^^li'SBab Wday^ Z'to 14 and Ir. • Chobse'frpmrnfinystylesahddo Gr OUQ I Regulaily to 79.00.

Ai^ J’are ) to plan for one thing, aird;a;nuinber ■ of- the; Bur Tolindtog'8mi^’r; Bchoola^ aro I^ng students avhicn makes itr tou^^th^" ^ ' t Thathariiahipis sufferedbecause when' a -student leaves’.^a': school distrii^ he.tokesia dertain amount offimdingwithbiin. '= State ^ding for school districts ' is calo Bated by determining the av- erage daily attendance of students . Ighborho Bophical roorirtion B, just : nity ind hum S righto ara a delusion, not, .

^^^^^ I rnn't do anything to get travel back on schei-, happening with arid ram, his country •llwithnudearwasto? luan- witnessing the erpalon, perhaps the Jinal short, ifthe traditional view of roan’s origin . Westai wel L- i - ’ I crbiion oftheid eaofm anas s omethin g Is correct, peonle have h uman righto .■ • I ha. M.c^eatmtrait» several in- poeoscanhis daim to distinctive or intrih- ‘ tbetoaditionalundoriitahdingbfniah ia ”r" jj; tomof Biedigni^bo sustained. Ia.,:corroct,ifiti4-not-onl X;doctrinalbutfoo^.';t^ nkin^ built into mon-by to Creator, -then certain then governments can derive humohclsbtl^'^** - • k ^ Universityof Cbicago Bay Bthaf Svearo, oniymineoo Yiezumon Dutnereinuie .

takes to cover Magic Valley Regional Medical Center each day. “Can you stay late for an extra two-hour shift or come in earlier " for two~hourir'Bhe'Tmut.a Bk'nurse8.'j Can you-work an eighth. Veteran mine Phyllis Rediker, who works on the hospital s pe- diatric floor, says the shortage is a cermblnation of people not get- ting into nursing, while othprsln the profc Mionare getting out — Of^e'12’people'in her.gredu Htlng'cl BOT, she-is-the-on4'-oar still practicing. " ^ ^e Ree RURNi OUTtm Pago AS community who haw left the pro- fession and want to return, but are afraid^ because -of the changes In - medicine. - - • The blasts shattered the windows in the JUnlted Sendees Organization •dub In this Mediterranean port dty, sending glass shards flying into the street A wreath hung from one blasted-out portal and a Christ- mas tree was visible inside. It nine adyertisements in the Seattle Times seeking nursing In Seattle, one of the biggest com- petitors tn hospitals are pfofe» sional agencies, which hire nurses at hi^er salaries and then contract with hospitals, she said. oweoi SD 1C even ancinpuiig an^ them at ah early age. 16, of ’ nooi Twhen a car slid off Blue La kes ^uleyird South ghg ygg treated and releas^ at MV^ C. ■' — A .fourth se^ceman T Daniel Powell, was token to tho Clinic "Hospitol, where he was in good condition wi th minor shrapnel wounds , in the chest and buttoctoi usqueu A fifth man, identified by Busquet as Randy Corner, went first to his ship and Inter entered Hospital del Mar for trea tment of minor ii\juries.^ 'THo imvernnicot-spokesman said nryl p« Qpe hftd been detained. Mall lubaertpilooa -muil-be-pa HNfr tdvanca aodan tri Uabla only-wbm nr- 7" ncr dtl Kcry la mmainiiintd: dail)radd Suftdtrra*.ttper~ ' mont&. Ul.n far t-moniha, tioxa per ' •tar: dally ody; W-ia per mo Alk. ' ., Ihe subject of legislative ethics and potential conflicts, of interest deserves a good look in Idaho.

If the nurses could return under 'Bupefvi8Pry‘TOnffit Iora'"and receive, training, the -hospital could, tap that pool of people, he sug^ted. eye-catching adverti Mment “The Greenery^ Stills Pay. LPNs - Sp:td.76a Khour;" Greeneiy Nursing Director Kath- leen' Mellon said the advertise- hospital is 'doing a lot more them good wages and beneflta'to mdh- tain its nursing staff, 'she saldr^ The operation pays for continu- ing education and for nurses to ftt- — BARCELONA, Spain — A lone as- soilaht threw two hand grenades Into a* Cbriatmas-trimmed USO •dub -Saturday 1 . “At this time, there is no knowl- edge of who was responsible for the action," said Lt Cmdr." Chris Baumann, a Pentagon spokesman in Washin^n. ~ (Both -'Rotb'and Mellon eaid tbe shortage of nurses ia partly dua4oa~ H yiinin g number of people seeking _nur Bi^asacar6er._ _ \, Litorariireon the subjecfpridicts the nursi^ shortage will get worse before it gets better,~Rdth'said. i.'At Swedish, we ore working on a program tivrecrult high school stu- -dents to enter the- nursing profess . that Rose Phfllipe, 34, thedriver.undarwtttaurge^ BUHL -A fire at Mr. He Lan d in the C atalan j M^age, ^ quot^ witnesses as saying they claimed respo Mi Bih Qf^for the con^ MW OTc person throw tlm grenades sulate attack. Burks, Jones and Noh are on 'the-righf'frack in bringing the issue to the public’s attention. take.^ post office for that: ' ' ' ^ Meanwhile, the junk mail piles lip and Ji dons the postal employees.

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J,-_moilltor4Sa® Sit K then divided tato'umt,' of oppran- In* people te U M^mge that mntely 30 rtudents.' Each unit ie weren’t necee^lyln^. - j„ the United Statea have nego Uated with You used to be able to get on a plane and ex- Chino about launching eate Uitoamto pect it to take offon time and at least come • them.

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