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Long gone are the days when taverns were the only places where members of the LGBT community could meet.Bars used to act as gathering places, creating substitute families for those rejected from their homes for being gay or gender variant.Price shouldn’t hold you back as discounts are often available to volunteers.The Center (Milwaukee LGBT Community Center) has lots of free activities, too.Splash Studio is a unique date night venue, a fun place for a girls’/guys’ night out, and a great place to meet new people. • Brain Freeze - Set the frozen custard on the back burner and give Purple Door’s whiskey ice cream a try! • Cloud Nine - Head to Gift of Wings' Lakefront Kite Store to pick out two flying machines and then head to Veteran’s Park to bring your relationship to new heights!The Purple Door lovingly hand-crafts artisan ice creams using premium Wisconsin dairy ingredients and regularly rotating flavor profiles that range from classic to cuckoo. Laugh and joke as you try to help your kite dip, soar, turn, and twirl through the Milwaukee sky.Whether people were developing their professional skills, giving back to their favorite causes, raising funds for homeless queer youth or sharing their skills to assist their favorite organizations, people meet and develop their best LGBT friendships through volunteering.Martin Palicki, recommends volunteering wholeheartedly, “I think when you volunteer you get in where you are interested and where the people are, whether it is Cream City Foundation’s Equality Luncheon, Big Night OUT (Milwaukee LGBT Community Center’s annual Gala) or another event that maybe you cannot afford attending on your own.

Be sure you are interested in an organization or event, don’t just volunteer because you want to meet people, find a fit with what you are good at.” The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center is mentioned repeatedly for dozens of different reasons. (Disclosure: I was a founding board member.) Groups wanted a place to meet free from ridicule and people wanted to access social services for the LGBT community.

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Those who want to be active are able to find a bevy of social, sports, arts and professional activities.

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