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Also, the more experience you have, the more likely you are to make your DNS infrastructure complex, inviting the attention of Mr.Murphy and other elements of chaotic cosmic calamity. Each network interface has a set of TCP/IP settings that lists the DNS servers used by that interface.Don’t forget to include the FQDN of the local domain as the first option on the list.

The desktops use DHCP with a scope option that includes the IP addresses of two DNS servers managed by the customer’s broadband provider.

The servers use static mappings to the same external DNS servers.

During the PDC upgrade, you install DNS because DCPromo tells you to.

Worse still, the internal server must reach through the firewall and connect to a variety of DNS servers, some of which could have traps that play malicious games with DNS requests.

An internal root server doesn’t need to waste energy or cause security problems by chasing referrals.

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