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If you are a crappy team-player then you should probably avoid this, because much raging and flaming will ensue. Otherwise its great fun if you like being a part of a team!A first-person shooter, real time strategy game and role playing game rolled into one? In each game someone is elected to be a commander (Mr.Get into this game if you’re a fan of both the FPS and RTS genre. While there are various elements that keep it tied to reality, the players are nonetheless capable of performing impossible jumps and running (slowly) after taking multiple bullets to the leg which would normally shatter any normal human being.So while it’s a bit more realistic than most games, they won’t punish you too much for being riddled with bullets.Or maybe you don’t have the money to splash out on the latest blockbuster titles? If you liked this be sure to check out our more recent roundups – 35 Hardcore Games for Hardcore Mac Gamers, 100 Mac Apps To Rule Them All, 50 Free Mac Apps for 2012, as well as our 2012 roundup of 30 Great Free Games for Your Mac and our 2013 roundup of the best Indie Games for the Mac!

There is a choice of nine unique guns and multiple power-ups at your disposal.The cel-shaded graphics are crisp and clear, allowing you to focus on killing people and enhancing the competitive nature of the game.Do retro style aliens running around in a fast-paced shooter sound like your thing? Complete with rich, colourful, arcade-like atmospheres, a variety of space age weapons, powerups, a good selection of maps and plenty of game modes.World of Padman also comes with a healthy stock of mayhem which will keep you occupied for years.In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory the Axis and Allies fight each other in team-based combat.

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While its more realistic than Alien Arena, all the weapons are fictional yet based on modern weapons.

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