Glamour magazine online dating scams

Well, I am looking to meet new people, who are fun to be with, and know how to enjoy life.

Well my interests are meeting new people and making friends,going to the gym, love reading, singing, dancing,love shopping like every other person, eating out, I could love to go on and on, but I think I am going to stop right here, hope to here from you soon Of course, I checked his profile.

Since his pictures show a man in uniform with the last name of Miller, it’s apparent he’s done some homework.

He just apparently didn’t do much homework in English, judging by the message he sent me. It looks like you sent the same message out en masse to see who’d take the bait.

The only employer he listed was “government.” An arsenal of hearts, puppy dogs, and teddy bears sporting sappy declarations of love made up nearly half of his pics.

He allegedly used to live in Empire, California, but again didn’t have any friends there. The idiocy to which dating scammers and identity thieves will stoop is so complete, it apparently knows no bounds. There is no level too low for scammers like this to stoop.The targets include the usual for military dating scams – sensitive, patriotic women with heartstrings that can be easily tugged by a man in uniform. On checking out No Name’s profile, I noticed he had eight Facebook “friends,” all of them women, and only one from the Chicago area.Now I invite all my friends in the military to have fun picking apart this picture.“Kevin Larry,” supposedly seen here, sent me the following message: hello there how are you doing..i am new here trying to look for old friends i just sow your profile and i like it i will love to know you good. I am a friendly, and loves to talk, and make friends, I am a person who generally gets along with people.

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  1. When she started asking questions, however, his responses became, as she said, “few and far between.” He then told her he couldn’t get on Facebook often enough and requested her email address.