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Golden: If they aren’t asking you out by the third or fourth it’s not happening. Golden: My pet peeves are chest pictures, bathing suits pictures, or lying on your back in a bed taking a selfie. Look up at the camera, not down; don’t grimace, no puckering faces. It doesn’t have to be a professional photographer or work picture, it just needs to not be slovenly.

Guys don’t get that a picture has a huge impact on whether a girl chooses to talk to them.

If they are Jewish and in their mid-30s, JSwipe will be good.

She has never personally used a dating app, but said her training makes her equipped to help modern singles.There is no information that should be given out on a dating app that goes past surface level interest. Most of my clients are too busy to spend that much time sifting through these apps.Market Watch: What’s your success rate with first dates?The idea of working as an online dating coach came to her after setting up several of her friends who ultimately got married in the late 1990s.Two years ago, she started charging for the service after people she didn’t know came to her for help.

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With a master’s degree in social work from New York University and five years of experience in individual psychotherapy treating patients with depression and anxiety, Golden saw an opportunity to take on a more light-hearted trade.

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