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I had to be stopped before too many people heard the truth. So did a independent newsletter analyst from That’s why I decided to close down my brokerage firm, and return investors all of their money. I think you could make a fortune here in the next several months. In WSI you will learn how to keep your assets safe and sound. And then when you were showing everyone how to make money from Wall Street's wipeouts, I knew it was just a matter of time before they got to you. As you may know, throughout the 1980s I owned a commodities brokerage firm headquartered in New York’s World Trade Center. But because of my contacts there, I knew the inside story on Whitewater, the Arkansas banking scandals, even Bill's winning way with the ladies. Then I sailed off in my yacht to the Cayman Islands. For the simple reason that I think energy prices are going to come down. There are still a few places to put your money, that are guaranteed secure. Including America’s biggest talk radio stations, such as WABC from the heart of Wall Street in New York, and KTLA in Los Angeles. They were learning the lies, misinformation and outright fraud being foisted upon average investors -- both by Wall Street and its conniving politicians in the Federal government. One of Moshe’s jobs was to track down members of the Russian mafia.They were hearing a radically contrarian message, that no one else was telling them. He also gained quite a bit of fame when the family of a famous sports hero wife hired him.Now was not the time to sip champagne on the aft deck of a luxury yacht. The crew was bought off or scared off and sent on their way. As often is the case, they used their connections in the Federal government to do their dirty work for them. That keeps them out of reach of the banking regulators. Then they sold it to an unsuspecting financial institution, who believes the bogus AAA rating and wanted the slightly higher yield.Now was not the time to go racing down the autobahn in a Ferrari. Derivatives are complex, leveraged bundles of junk debt. They can do whatever deals they want there, in absolute secrecy. This is why, in 2006, the Federal Reserve took an unprecedented step: they stopped publishing figures for M3 money supply growth. That includes money from private (non-governmental) debt instruments.

The boat was pounding on the waves so hard it made your teeth chatter.The charges were not related to my commodities brokerage firm, but to a gold and silver business I had started in 1980 in Arkansas. Many stocks in the financial sector have already dropped a lot. "Nick's Pick's" gives you my “generalized non- personalized investment advice,” in full detail. Ironically in the drop in demand recessions sky high oil prices help create. Warren Buffet is right: they will become land surfs. We can become the big winners, as their trillion-dollar scams blow up in their faces. After this massive liquidation of debt, many markets will shut down, and never open again. It had gone out of business when I retired in 1987. They want to make sure they keep making tons of money when the markets tank. Wall Street insiders are paying themselves multi-billions, while their clients take a beating. They let us pinpoint which parts of the stock market will get hit the hardest. But still more institutions will wipe out due to their derivatives exposure and slowing economy. We are on the verge of the fourth collapse, as we speak. They don’t know how to turn the tables on these "financial weapons of mass destruction." But we do, my friends. We also had offices in Houston, Texas, and, of all places, Harrison, Arkansas. Many, including Bill Clinton and “friends,” wanted to invest with me. In 1987, I got tired of being harassed by regulators, who constantly questioned my track record. I decided I would never again be in a regulated business or touch other people’s money. That means stocks of energy companies will plunge like never before. When it's time to take profits, I let you know at once. You could make huge profits, with little initial investment. In a recession like the one we are having prices go down not up They forget to mention that hedge funds drove these markets sky-high. I will show you what they are and how you can take advantage of them. They don't have the knowledge or the experience to bounce back. Let's make tons of money, on every sleazy Wall Street derivative wipeout. Now is the time, that is why you are hearing from me again. Five years later, I was shocked when, out of the blue, just as Bill Clinton was making his run for president, I suddenly found myself charged with mail and wire fraud. Global demand for oil will sink, along with oil prices, in the coming global recession. The really good part is none of our recommendations are in the futures markets. Your risk is tiny, completely limited in options on very sophisticated new trading instruments. Some markets I cover for you are precious metals, like gold, silver and platinum. (Entirely financed by derivatives.) They don't dare liquidate: they would collapse the markets. So what little real demand was out there is disappearing. Oil prices have collapsed three times, after these fake shortages. and Europe are about to fall into the biggest recession in 70 years. This myth that the factory workers in India and China will pick up the slack is a fairy tale. They will see a massive slow down when the export customers shut down spending. This alone could be worth many times the subscription. They don’t have a clue about what they must do to protect themselves. We can get back at the Wall Street investment whores. I am putting together a small army of little guys, enlightened people to turn this curse into a blessing. Let's get wealthy, as the big investment banks go under, and must borrow billions more from the Arabs and Chinese communists. I believe the recession will end in a global depression.

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I feared her high-tech composite hull couldn't take it much longer.

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