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Just how and when the base of the tree of life split into the three main branches remains one of the most important questions in all of biology and science, and is the source of constant scientific dispute.

Which of the prokaryotes came first, the Archaeans or the Eubacteria remains unresolved, and a consensus has emerged that these primitive microorganisms laterally exchanged genes further confounding attempts to validate what begat what during to course of early evolution on earth.

They encode the role that ancient microorganisms played in the evolution of life on earth and in shaping earth's environments.

The fossil record of stromatolites is astonishingly extensive, spanning some four billion years of geological history with the forming organisms possibly having occupied every conceivable environment that ever existed on earth.

In broad terms, stromatolites are fossil evidence of the prokaryotic life that remains today, as it has always been, the preponderance of biomass in the biosphere.

For those that subscribe to the theory of the living earth, it is the prokaryotes that maintain the homeostasis of the earth, rendering the biosphere habitable for all other life.

This definition is, in fact, such a gross oversimplification as be scientifically useless.What rock has not been lost may of course be buried deeply.The figure to the left shows Precambrian exposure within the United States. and Wisconsin and Minnesota particularly have much old rock, and not surprisingly, considerable Stromatolites and banded iron.In some cases, they can form inorganically, for example when seawaters are oversaturated with certains chemicals resulting in precipitation.Stromatolites are defined as laminated accretionary structures that have synoptic relief (i.e., they stick up above the seafloor).

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Stromatolite-building communities include the oldest known fossils, dating back some 3.5 billion years when the environments of Earth were too hostile to support life as we know it today.

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