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During Chase’s opening practice session is when tragedy struck.

Dale Richard Wondergem Jr was a legendary sprint car owner in California. Marcus also shared interest in the sport of Basketball as well.After further research that’s not really a normal thing that happened, but it’s known to happen with quick releases. His car jetted straight toward turn one, which is where the cars exited the track to return to the pit area.Despite riding the brakes, Johnson’s car flew off the track at great speed and it careened off a wall, which knocked the sprint car onto its left side as it skidded into the middle of the pits.“It was a little black,” he said.His breakout had begun and Johnson was excited to step outside his comfort zone of racing locally.Johnson was going to conquer the 2013 season – his fourth year of racing a full-sized 360ci winged sprint car.

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Chase Johnson arrived to the track with the same butterflies floating through his body that always appeared before a race.

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