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The Namesake and Interpreter of Maladies are perhaps Lahiri’s best-known works, although each of her publications, including the short-story collection Unaccustomed Earth (2008) and the novel The Lowland (2013), has led to significant sales and broad acclaim.Lahiri is known as a writer of immigrant life, especially relating to the experiences of Bengalis living in the United States.Lahiri draws on a history of English-language and European fiction dating back hundreds of years.She makes use, in particular, of a genre known as the Bildungsroman, or “novel of education,” to track Ashima, Ashoke, and Nikhil/Gogol through time.

In the first generation keeps the customs and the food and largely self-segregates; members of the second generation go to good colleges and become engineers and doctors, understand but don't write Bengali, eat pizza and Chinese takeout, and aren't all that keen about arranged marriages. But it would be limiting to state that this is Lahiri’s sole preoccupation.Instead, The Namesake tracks a great many other issues: people’s romantic relationships and friendships; the nature of family and loss; and the impact of literature, art, and food on people’s lives.Lahiri’s fans are many, including the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who in 2014 presented Lahiri with the National Humanities Medal.For several years, Lahiri, her husband Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush (a magazine editor), and their two children lived in Rome.

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Lahiri, throughout The Namesake, makes reference to the cultural practices not only of Bengalis and Americans, but of Britons and Europeans as well.

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